Remove all the information from a digital picture



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ExifCleaner is a simple tool with which we can delete all the Exif information that comes with the photos we take using a digital camera. E.g. the date in which the picture was taken, the camera, the photo's author, etc.

In addition, we can save some space in our hard drive by reducing each picture's size. It is important to say that the quality of the picture is not affected in any way, because the only thing that is eliminated is the information attached to it.

ExifCleaner can also be integrated with Windows, which makes it even easier to import your pictures into the program by simply right clicking in one or various images.

ExifCleaner has a double function: it adds privacy to our pictures while making them take up less space. Whichever use you want to give it, it is quite useful.

The program doesn't support working with more than seven pictures at the same time.

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